Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fuzzy D's Top 20 LP's of 2012

So I know I've been bad to you guys, posting once and going AWOL for weeks at a time. This is simply because I am very lazy, much like all of you. However, I've managed to work up the will to compile a list of albums from this past year that I think will really kick your ass. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the order, know that all of these records deserve a spot in your collection...


#20: Rayon Beach - This Looks Serious
May 29th on HoZac

Drone on motherfuckers. This record is a lot like the best tasting pussy you have ever thrown your tongue into. Dripping wet with sweet, fuzzy licks that will get you up and never let you down.


June 19th on Toxic State

Have you ever beaten someone senseless? This is your soundtrack. Go destroy something.


#18: Woollen Kits - Woollen Kits
January 17th on R.I.P Society

This album is a scheme to make you believe you are dreaming. All the while these guys sneak into your home, bang your girlfriend, and steal your favorite t-shirt. Worth a spin if you ask me.


#17: The Eeries - Home Alone
September 25th on Evil Weevil

The Eeries debut album is a profound step up from the slew of EP's and singles they have released in the past. If their lo-fry bubblegum flavored samplings didn't give you a huge hard on before, you may need to see a doctor after listening to this one.


#16: The Hussy - Weed Seizure
March 23rd on Tic Tac Totally

This face fucking, tailbone destroying heap of an album can only be truly realized during The Hussy's live performances. Guitars aflame, assholes dilated, you will never be the same after seeing these guys up on the stage.


#15: The LimiƱanas - Crystal Anis
August 7th on HoZac

Oh baby, this sexy, sexy... very sexy LP will have you cruising town to find the cheapest, easiest lay possible. It simply is the ideal album to hop in bed with.


#14: Gaytime - In Their Prime
March 16th on 1:12

Who gives a fuck!? If you answered yes, you need to listen to more of this.


#13: The Audacity - Mellow Cruisers
August 21st on Recess and Burger

Forget the jumbled, cracked out noise punk you know from Audacity's debut album. These guys have graduated in a big and totally annihilating way, shattering their mold and your mind all at the same time.


#12: Mind Spiders - Meltdown
February 21st on Dirtnap

There is no simple way to describe the musical tendencies of Mark Ryan. He is a garage synth superstar and that is all you really need to know.


#11: Useless Eaters - C'est Bon!
February 7th on Southpaw

Seth Sutton lives in a punk rock world where cheap sunglasses are needed to see and without enough booze in your bloodstream, you will die a slow and agonizing death. Do be another victim. Spin the shit out of this record.


#10: Ty Segall & White Fence - Hair
April 24th on Drag City

Perhaps there is no better combination than a man who produces indelible, unstoppable psych rock noises and one who has gained a reputation for rocking you harder than you have ever been rocked before. Their songs will embed themselves in your soul, twisting and tangling your brainwaves until only a pile of puke remains. Get this in your collection, fast!


#9: Mujeres - Soft Gems
March 27th on Sones

This frisky group of Spaniards were sent to rock by the devil himself. Crank it up and get knocked on your ass.


#8: Fag Cop - Whimpers From The Pantheon
February 1st on Rank Toy

Fag Cop makes destructive noise punk. So destructive you will be reduced to dust after hearing it. Your brain will splatter in a most pleasant way. Your loins will tingle with lust for death. Don't let this killer slab slip through your mitts for a minute longer.


#7: Glow Kit - Glow Kit
March 20th on P. Trash

This Denmark born lineup will spin your ears with some of the most tasteful trash rock you can get your hands on. Their sounds are crafted with precision and maintain only one ideology, to knock you straight the fuck out.


#6: White Fence - Family Perfume
April 3rd (vol.1) / May 15th (vol.2) on Woodsist

Originally released as two separate volumes and now only obtainable as a double LP (trust me, I've been scouring record stores for vol. 1 for some time now), Tim Presley delivers and delivers, like an unstoppable psych rock made-in-heaven mechanism. His sounds will sooth your soul, trip out your consciousness, and leave you forever wanting more. Don't worry though, he has plenty more to give.


#5: Hellshovel - Hated By The Sun
May 29th on Slovenly

Garage rockabilly superstars Jeff Clarke (Milk Lines, Demons Claws) and Bloodshot Bill (Tandoori Knights, The Ding-Dongs) are a match made in the depths of hell. Their songs stampede through your mind, like a dream that abruptly ends when you are falling to your death. Strangely satisfying enough to  make you wish you never woke up.


#4: Apache Dropout - Bubblegum Graveyard
August 7th on Trouble In Mind

I fucking love Apache Dropout. Their fun loving attitude is simply a mirage for their well contrived trap. They own your soul from the moment you drop the needle. That means a lifetime pass to dance, drink and make a total fool of yourself.


#3: Ketamines - Spaced Out
March 13th on Mammoth Cave and Southpaw

Canadians are really nice people. Nice enough to smack you across the face when you're being a sad sack. Nice enough to push you when you're contemplating suicide. In all honesty though, Ketamines is good people, good musicians and good times. Buy this perfectly psyched out record and see what I mean.


#2: The Peoples Temple - More For The Masses
November 6th on HoZac

I cannot stress enough the genius that is the all knowing, hard rocking, totally mesmerizing Peoples Temple. Their tracks groove in the wrong direction, yet feel so fucking right. Tracing their sound back to 1969, you find yourself in a trance. One that cannot be broken, but only gets deeper and deeper. I guarantee that once HoZac finally ships this LP to me, it will get more spins than a heavy night of drinking, and for me that is a whole lot.


#1: John Wesley Coleman III - Trans Am Summer Blues
October 30th on Tic Tac Totally

JWC has a never-ending charm that you cannot simply wash off. He managed to put out two fantastic albums this year (also check out the Last Donkey Show LP on Goner) and that is why he more than deserves my number one spot. I chose to put Trans Am Summer Blues in the spotlight though because it is the purest form of JWC you can get. It is meaty, funky, messy and just plain hearty rock n' roll, and that is all you really need in life.


Well friends, that concludes my 2012 musical spew. I hope you all discovered some great new bands on my behalf, and that I can continue to turn you on throughout 2013. Later!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Growlers/Thee Ludds Split (2011)

For my first post in several months I am drenching you with some shit that will really make your hips shake. You may hurt people with your hips. They will shake furiously and to no end. You may get dizzy, and you may puke up lunch, but you will be so satisfied with the facial destruction you just received that the only thing left to do will be to flip that shit over and spin it again!

The Growlers:
1. Graveyard's Full
2. Something Someone Jr.
3. Sea Lion Goth Blues
4. Drinkin' The Juice Blues
5. People Don't Change Blues
Thee Ludds:
6. Astral Plane
7. Go Outside
8. Jagged Prowl
9. Feeding Time
10. Hypnogogo
11. Parabolic Reflector

The Growlers Facebook
Thee Ludds Facebook


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apache Dropout - Bugglegum Graveyard (2012)

For the love of god! Listen to this album and dance! Jig, scoop, flop and shake until you are a real life mother-fuckin' zombie.

1. Archie's Army
2. Candy Bar
3. 1-2-3 Red Light
4. Carryin' Fleas
5. Ghost Stories
6. Lady Blood
7. Quaaludes '68
8. Robbin' The Bank
9. The Fried Stranger
10. I-80
11. Katie Verlaine
12. Hey Valentine

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fag Cop - Whimpers From The Pantheon (2012)

Scuzzy dried up shit with hair on it punk rock n' roll. 

1. Nailed It To The Cross
2. Fake Blood
3. I, Shitbag
4. Panoptic Wives
5. Fake Baby
6. Nude Boy
7. Rotten Age
8. Honkey Was A Money
9. Money
10. Teenage with Rhythm
11. I Eat Out The Trash
12. Who's Got That Juice?
13. Don't Stab Me

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The People's Temple - Looter's Game 7" (2012)

The brothers of The People's Temple have offered up a fresh 7" in honor of the illuminated, swirling fuzz gods. Do a little jig and get down with your couch hugging, soda sucking self.

1. Looter's Game
2. Highs and Lows



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Raw Nerves

S/T (2012)

Steroids (2012)


You, the people of garage punk rock and fucking roll, tend to be a bunch of poor, useless schmucks. The chances of you guys getting off your swollen mammoth nutsacks for more than the amount of time it takes to grab a pounder from the fridge is slim to none. It's safe to say the record stores can probably count on not seeing your face today, but don't let that drivel get you down. The Raw Nerves are here with the sounds to satisfy that insatiable appetite for fresh garage. So keep your wallet in those danky ripped jeans and snag some of this!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Carbonas - S/T (Goner) (2007)

So i've already shown you the heavy and hearty punk rock songwriting of GG King. Hold on a second, I also showed you some tame but equally as hearty tunes by Gentleman Jesse. Well it turns out these two crazy fucks are in a band together with a couple other crazy fucks and they are here to rock your fucking face off. Shit gets heavy.

1. Phone Booth
2. Journey to the End
3. Didn't Tell You A Lie
4. Don't Know Why
5. I'm A Schiso
6. Hate You
7. Trapped In Hell
8. Frustrate Me
9. Assvogel



Friday, August 3, 2012

Thee Marvin Gayes

S/T LP (2011)

It's Easier To Be Dumb EP (2012)

If you've ever come this blog before and thought that the tunes just aren't fuzzy enough or that they don't do the trick during your fierce sexual activities, than it is certainly appropriate for me to step it up a notch. Thats why i'm posting up this real butt fucker of a band. I mean seriously, these guys will bend you over and show you how good garage rock can really be. Listen and listen again.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Unwed Teenage Mothers - Blonde Girls (2010)

One of the greatest up-and-coming rock bands today is without a doubt the super (blazed) duo from grav bong city, Bass Drum of Death. When you tack on Zach Tutor of Lover! a large explosion happens and born out of the chaos is this somewhat deranged, a little bit sweet and otherwise fully rocked out LP. It is so full of life Play Pinball decided to put the same nine tracks on both sides, doubling the life of this 100% necessary record. So spin it until the end of time friends, your ears will thank you.

1. Little Allie
2. Change Your Mind
3. Uh Oh
4. Baby You're Dying
5. Do You Wanna Be My Girl
6. I Am a Ghost
7. Wait (I Don't Wanna Be Alone)
8. That's My Man
9. No One Wants To

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Future Primitives - This Here's the Future Primitives EP (2012)

Beach fuzz is the best fuzz! Check out the Future Primitives, smackin' your face all the way from South Africa!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Matthew Melton - Still Misunderstood (2010)

Matthew Melton (of Bare Wires, Snake Flower 2) has a neat little collection of heartfelt lo-fi bliss in this LP from 2010. Wonderfully composed, and crapped on during recording, these songs will set the mood for you next couch party without fail.

1. Turn Back Time
2. 1000 Years
3. Microbe in a Kiss
4. Running from the Light
5. Mind Games
6. Lorraine
7. Run Away Forever
8. Still Misunderstood
9. Talk About It
10. She's So Out
11. New Transitions
12. Trapped Inside Yr Maze
13. Gypsy Child

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teenanger - Frights (2012)

Crashing waves of heavy garage beats and sweet jangled riffs for those of you not sure whether to chill hard or rock the fuck out. 

1. Cheap Thrills
2. Frights
3. SLW
4. Funeral March
5. Cops But Not
6. Tired of You
7. Lawyer Up
8. Walking on Eggshells
9. Bank Account

Cold Warps - Endless Bummer CS (2010)

Summer punk with a thick layer of jam and orange juice drizzled over top.

1. I'm With You
2. Let's Just Fun
3. Cough Drops
4. Who Cares, I Guess
5. Endless Bummer

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rayon Beach - This Looks Serious (2012)

Brain-drain fuzz punk that administers a healthy dose of psychosis and leaves you waking up on your living room floor wondering what the hell ever went wrong in your life. Maybe now you will finally get your shit together and stop huffing all that spray paint.

1. Some Fun Before We Die
2. I Have No Body
3. Jacuzzi Limo Explosion
4. Airplane with Tits
5. Sister Fever
6. Boys and Girls
7. Oh Yeah
8. Shocking Aqua
9. Where are the Cities
10. All The Time I Want to be With You
11. Staring Out of an Apartment
12. The Libertine and the Happy Slave

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Almighty Defenders - S/T (2009)

Here is a mixture of musicians (King Khan + BBQ + Black Lips) that all shit perfectly misshapen gold rock n' roll nuggets. Therefore the only logical thing to do is collaborate on an album, leaving you with this massive, steaming pile of nuggets.

1. All My Loving
2. The Ghost with the Most
3. Bow Down and Die
4. Cone of Light
5. Jihad Blues
6. 30 Second Air Blast
7. Death Cult Soup N' Salad
8. I'm Coming Home
9. Over The Horizon
10. She Came Before Me
11. The Great Defender

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lovely Bad Things - New Ghost/Old Waves (2011)

High strung power punk blends with lo-fi dream junk on this LP from The Lovely Bad Things. Wax can be bought here.

1. You Done Messed Up
2. I Just Want You To Go Away
3. Icee Creeps
4. Old Ghost
5. Dinosaur Song
6. New Waves
7. Blood on my Moccasins

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mujeres - Soft Gems (2012)

New sounds from one of the few Spanish garage bands making it happen today. Their sound glides smoothly into the genre, one that is well established and ever growing in the States. By no means am I saying that they are generic, but rather that they are pushing the envelope even further than it has already been pushed, starting with sweet jangly riffs, then lathering on a spanish accent (with finesse) and finally proceeding to rock your fucking face off. Pick up this LP with haste.

1. Soft Gems Pt. 1
2. Salvaje
3. Far Away
4. How I Am
5. Seattle Waves
6. Ride a River
7. Heart and Shame
8. I'm Over With You
9. Calabrese Fingers
10. See the Light
11. Soft Gems Pt. 2

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Eeries Discography

The Eeries are nothing short of pure awesome. I mean the kind of awesome that comes in liquid form, sends your mind to a far off land and helps you to see the worlds true colors. Their lo-fi slow jams are sweet and to the point, always guiding you in the right direction, but letting you wander aimlessly once you get there. Oh, and all of their music is free! Therefore sharing it with you on this website is totally okay and not illegal. You can also purchase last years Comes Alive EP here if you feel like being charitable.

+ two more here

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dead Ghosts - S/T (2010)

Here's more Canadian fuzz to drown your ears with. Dead Ghosts have placed a unforgettable northern spin on a supremely southern sound.

1. When It Comes To You
2. Detroit Jerry
3. Off The Hook
4. Haunted House
5. She Likes It 
6. Girl Across The Street
7. I Want You To Know
8. Dead Ghosts
9. Getting Older
10. How The West Was Fun
11. What To Do
12. James Brown
13. I Want Your Love

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Compulsive Gamblers - Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing (2000)

Alright, I know that there is no reason why anyone seeking out garage music would not already know and LOVE Compulsive Gamblers. If it just so happens that you have never heard this record, well fucking shame on you friend, your collection simply will never be complete without it.

1. The Way I Feel About You
2. Pepper Spray Boogie
3. Whole Lotta Woman
4. Negative Jerk
5. Stop & Think It Over
6. I'm That Guy
7. Wait A Bit Joe
8. Your Happiness
9. Rock n' Roll Nurse
10. Two Thieves

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cousin Brian - First (2012)

It is true that I have already briefly written about this record, but I am not convinced that all of you are listening yet. Cousin Brian creates deep, voluminous tracks that consume your brain cavity and fill it with gravy. Their sound first appears to simply pay respect to the garage punk bands that existed before them, but deep down is shockingly raw and strangely unique. Having only previously released one 7" EP on Evil Weevil (all of which reappears on this record), these guys are just getting started. Pre-order your copy today and hear the whole thing below.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Remains - A Session With The Remains (1966)

Here's a slew of classic tracks performed to perfection by a not so classic band. These songs were highly inspiring to rock n' roll bands in the 60's and continue to influence the garage music we listen to today. May they be listened to and loved until the end of time!

1. Hang on Sloopy
2. All Day and All of the Night
3. Why Do I Cry
4. Like A Rolling Stone
5. Johnny B. Goode
6. Gonna Move
7. I'm A Man
8. Walkin' The Dog
9. Ain't That Her
10. When I Want To Know
11. Why Do I Cry
12. Say You're Sorry
13. All The Good Things



Monday, June 4, 2012

Demon's Claws - Satan's Little Pet Pig (2007)

Demon's Claws is beer battered and deep fried rockabilly from just north of the (Canadian) border. As the brain-child of Jeff Clarke (Presently heading up Milk Lines), the band has put out a slew of slick, hard driven records that will make your jaw drop harder than a ham hock. Keep your eyes peeled for a debut release from his new venture, Milk Lines and pick up the aforementioned record today!

1. Shadow of a Castle
2. Satan's Little Pet Pig
3. 1,000 Rounds
4. That Old Outlaw
5. Wrong Side of Town
6. Gun To My Head
7. Get Together
8. Unemployment
9. Cecile Lemay
10. Tomcat
11. Hunting on the 49
12. Behind the Barn

Friday, June 1, 2012

Useless Eaters - C'est Bon! (2012)

This glorified, bona fide and petrified freak rock is a unique twist on the punk sounds of the 70's and 80's. The work of Nashville youngster Seth Sutton, this album is as prolific as it is classic, melting the lines in the sand with the heat of his heavy, whole hearted riffs. Don't miss out on this one friends, it's a real treat.

1. Receiver (Drop The Bomb)
2. Daft Love
3. Year 11
4. Sitting At Your Table
5. Telekinesis
6. Certain Doom
7. Rich Boys and Rich Girls
8. Common Reaction
9. New Connection
10. At The Parkette
11. Tight Squeeze
12. C'est Bon!



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

King Tuff - S/T (2012)

Sub Pop garage hop hero King Tuff creates bedridden vibes that induce dreams in which you are at the ultimate level of happiness you can achieve in life. Don't stop listening though, because once it's gone you will never be satisfied again.

1. Anthem
2. Alone & Stoned
3. Keep On Movin'
4. Unusual World
5. Bad Thing
6. Losers Wall
7. Stranger
8. Baby Just Break
9. Stupid Superstar
10. Evergreen
11. Swamp of Love
12. Hit & Run

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nice Face - Horizon Fires (2012)

Here's a guy who has been creating synth punk jams for some time now, morphing his tracks so fast and with such precision that you hardly even notice it happening. There is something so right about this music friends. Pick up a copy and hear for yourself.

1. Liaison
2. Shaman
3. Equipped
4. Asymptotes I
5. Killing Time
6. You're So Dramatic
7. March of the Cosmic Man
8. Asymptotes II
9. A Dark Place
10. Roll Over
11. Cold Shoulder
12. Summer Shake

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heavy Cream - Super Treatment (2012)

The only way to improve on this wonderfully drunken and righteously riffed style of music is by having a couple of smoking hot babes perform it! Tack on the unending musical ambition of Seth Sutton (a recent addition to the lineup) and you get the complete garage punk package which is wrapped up nicely for you in this new LP.

1. '79
2. John Jonny
3. Prison Shanks
4. T.V. Preachers
5. Bad Genes
6. The Jam
7. Louise
8. I Know This
9. Tunnel Vision
10. Dead Beat
11. Evil Eye

Link Removed by Request