Monday, July 9, 2012

Matthew Melton - Still Misunderstood (2010)

Matthew Melton (of Bare Wires, Snake Flower 2) has a neat little collection of heartfelt lo-fi bliss in this LP from 2010. Wonderfully composed, and crapped on during recording, these songs will set the mood for you next couch party without fail.

1. Turn Back Time
2. 1000 Years
3. Microbe in a Kiss
4. Running from the Light
5. Mind Games
6. Lorraine
7. Run Away Forever
8. Still Misunderstood
9. Talk About It
10. She's So Out
11. New Transitions
12. Trapped Inside Yr Maze
13. Gypsy Child

1 comment:

  1. Woa kicking! Nice resurrection from recent past. I'm not a fan of Bare Wires but that solo stuff is great for me. 2010 seems have been quite an amazing year.