Friday, November 15, 2013

White Lodge Demos and EPs

I know you guys are craving free, new shit because you don't buy records and you probably also suck at life in general. This is for all you fucktards straining the economy with your unemployment checks. White Lodge whips it out and unleashes a stream of piss directly into the orifice that once contained your left eye. You suck, but they like you anyway. So here it is, take it with thanks to a failing music industry and your own lack of ability to get up and do something with your lowly, pathetic life. Work for a living, buy wax and stop being a schlup!

By the way, this music is pretty damn sweet, relish it while you can!

Gary Records


Volage - Maddie 10" EP (2013)

This band fits right in here. Heavy, distorted, destructive noises tied together with some old electrical tape from the basement where rock n' roll was born. Not too noisy for you lovers of the clean and not lacking in any either for those who enjoy static. Shit's just right.

Howlin' Banana

For Your Eyeballs:

Cold Pumas - Persistent Malaise (2012)

Yet another fantastic album from 2012 that I managed to miss. Psyched out dream reel sounds with a punk tinge. Fantastic by all means. The kind of of album you flip from A-side to B-side to A-side to B-side and maybe a few more times before you're done.

1. A Versatile Gift
2. Fog Cutter
3. Sherry Island
4. Variety Lights
5. The Modernist Crown
6. Puce Moment
7. Rayon Gris
8. Vanishing Point

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Bats Pajamas - Just Ripe EP (2013)

Filthy garage gunk jammin' up your pipes. Fuzzed way out and stuffed with bacon.


For your eyeballs:

Cheap Time - Exit Smiles (2013, Album Stream)

Some streaming action coming in hot from In The Red, which you all know kicks many asses on a regular basis. I'm gonna dare to call this band Cock Punk. This classification is appropriate because while listening to Jeffrey's vocals you can easily imagine him up on stage with it out, right there, all up in your face. You're like, "Why am I moving closer to the stage as I listen to this awesome music?" Do I need to draw a picture for you? Just listen already!

In The Red

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Prefab Messiahs - Devolver (2013)

I was almost alive 5 years after this shit was recorded, so why is it coming out as a cassette on the ever increasingly popular Burgerpizzaham records in 2013? 27 Tracks dummy! Are you joking? No, dummy! These tracks are the big time decades over due. They sing in harmony about not singing in harmony. Every song makes you feel like you learned something, even though you are probably stoned out of your mind right now, aren't you? Well you're gonna need a bunch more of that and a tape deck so you can get down with some of this.


No link this time, It's $6, don't be so cheap.

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Monday, November 11, 2013