Wednesday, August 20, 2014

White Lodge - Technicolour Visions EP (2014)

So I've missed the blog train on this one as you have probably seen this EP floating around, however, last time I shared their music I spent the whole time spewing untimely rhetoric about how nobody wants to earn their way in life anymore. I'm not going to link it, it's boring. White Lodge maintains the "It's all good holmes, here is some more free music" approach that suits their listeners so well, but I would be doing the band another huge disservice if I continued on about monetary bullshit. These guys take candy-coated pop punk strummers and throw them in a blender with a pinch of eternal darkness. Their roots ooze of metallic screams and deep stairwell double bass, but the finished package is much lighter at heart. Like an unexpected kiss on the cheek from the hottie across the way, every moment listening to these guys is a moment you will want back with a vengeance.

Wiener Records (Cassette)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Golden Pelicans - S/t LP (2014)

The Golden Pelicans tromp out any flickering glimpse of normalcy left in your already damnable thoughts. Their latest LP is a dilapidated frenzy of downright nasty crashes, quick clatter and shouting to the point of falling over. Outburst conquers serenity in what will surely be remembered as a grubby garage punk staple. Free samples:

Total Punk