Friday, September 5, 2014

31Ø8 - S/t (2014)

Trouble In Mind seems to go through phases during which they find and pluck musicians and groups that fall into somewhat specific genres. When I first fell in love with the label they were crushing it release after release with garage punk staples from chumps like CoCoComa (whom the Roe's head up), Sonic Chicken 4 and Charlie & The Moonhearts among so many others. They have not forgotten the days of ripped jeans developed from spending so much time shredding on your knees, however, their current lineup is driven more by druggy dissertation, klutzy but melodic riffs and a connection you can feel deep down inside with the artist. Tyler Zypreksa aka 31Ø8 has created what is possibly the most focused of their newer releases. Every strum and sunny synth drop is made alone in the intimacy of his bedroom, a place where absolutely nothing is holding him back, and it shows. Check the free sample below and snag the LP (along with as many other TIM releases that you can afford) on some pretty hott flourescent pink vinyl here.

Trouble In Mind

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Druggy Pizza - Chili Cheese Crust (2014)

Druggy Pizza is Cédric Bottacchi whom you know for superintending squalid French freakazoids, Dusty Mush. His solo stylee does not stray far from those curdled, drowning-in-reverb slabs of cross-grained static. Instead, perhaps his sole mission is to redeem the pizza band, a theme utterly shat on by an actor pretending to be two things he is not, funny and musical. This seering speed-play will leave you upside down in a ditch with nothing but a slice of sausage and pepperoni to keep your genitals warm. Grab your free download below.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

White Lodge - Technicolour Visions EP (2014)

So I've missed the blog train on this one as you have probably seen this EP floating around, however, last time I shared their music I spent the whole time spewing untimely rhetoric about how nobody wants to earn their way in life anymore. I'm not going to link it, it's boring. White Lodge maintains the "It's all good holmes, here is some more free music" approach that suits their listeners so well, but I would be doing the band another huge disservice if I continued on about monetary bullshit. These guys take candy-coated pop punk strummers and throw them in a blender with a pinch of eternal darkness. Their roots ooze of metallic screams and deep stairwell double bass, but the finished package is much lighter at heart. Like an unexpected kiss on the cheek from the hottie across the way, every moment listening to these guys is a moment you will want back with a vengeance.

Wiener Records (Cassette)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Golden Pelicans - S/t LP (2014)

The Golden Pelicans tromp out any flickering glimpse of normalcy left in your already damnable thoughts. Their latest LP is a dilapidated frenzy of downright nasty crashes, quick clatter and shouting to the point of falling over. Outburst conquers serenity in what will surely be remembered as a grubby garage punk staple. Free samples:

Total Punk

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Traps PS - Pure Truth 7" (2014)

Traps PS is spastic funk punk, high-g training in a centrifuge of calculated rhythm and cogent back beats. Their latest 7" EP does not falter. Each lick explodes like a bouncing betty on an upward trajectory. Computative drumming and sonorous vocals are the blast shield, containing and rearranging the madness. Stream it below and snag the wax here.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travel Check - 66$ 7" (2014)

Travel Check is free and easy mid-summer, mid-week day off music. Providing the energy needed to motivate you to go out and do something worthwhile, but also placid enough to set the mood for your journey. Sunny and sweet but also frivolous and spontaneous. Not a worry to be had or a penny to be made. Download the 4 track EP for free below and snag the wax here.

Howlin' Banana

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Public Service Announcement: Leave Your Phone At Home!

Guys, GUYS! What are you doing!? I really want to keep this blog on track, but this shit is important, so please listen the fuck up! Stow your goddamn phones while attending concerts. This is not a request, it is an order. I am okay with you snapping a single, as in ONE photograph at some point during the show, you know, as something to remember it by. However, thrusting up your fat fucking arms over and over, thus further blocking the view of people behind you, to take a panorama that looks like my cat wiped her ass on it or 60 seconds of incomprehensible video is simply unacceptable. 95% of all shows have a photographer present who will take significantly better photos than you could ever dream of, and will make them accessible via the internet within a day. What's worse yet is the butt fuckers who are scrolling through their various social media drone feeds while the band is playing. Go home you twat! Your actions are disrespectful and only make me wonder why you even bothered coming to the show, you're clearly not enjoying yourself. 

Guys, you are not doing the band or yourself any favors by having your phone out at a concert so stuff it in your cum stained pockets already and get into the music. Watch the band with your eyeballs and maybe even dance. Afterwords talk to the musicians at the merch table rather than running home and tagging them on facebook. Real life interactions are more valuable than you could possibly imagine, and I get the idea they mean a lot to the bands, you know, actually getting to know their fan base. Alright, that's more than enough ranting. More dope ass music recommendations to be posted soon.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jehosaphat Blow LP's and Singles

Rasping and rip-roaring one-man banders are few and far between these days. They deliver a robust and vigorous sound that most musicians would not attempt without help from a couple of their friends. They keep it simple but fetching, surmounting the pressure to have it be at all cohesive. Having left his cohorts behind to relocate several times in the past, Jehosaphat Blow is now playing outsider in Prague, a city that has little to no appreciation for garage rock. His jams are fired off with a hair trigger, blistering all that they singe. Once it is over your paltry carcass will have been reduced to ashes, scattering like they were being poured into a wind tunnel that blows farts. A fucking fart tunnel. Download all of his releases for FREE below and send him a message on facebook saying how thankful you are. It's not every day someone gives you a gift as sterling and stupefying as his.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sapin - Radio Hits (2013)

This record is an overflowing effervescence of sunshine and vivacity. Deep, boisterous guitar riffs coated in reverb, clacking drum sticks and crashing ride cymbals, sometimes at a feverish pace and other times nonchalant. Aberrant vocals are the thoughtfully placed cherry on top. In the wake of every song, you're left lifeless on a secluded beach, the tide bringing each wave closer and closer. Soon you'll be washed away by it's rich, prismatic vibes. Enjoy below and pick up the cassette here.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thee Mighty Fevers - Fuck'in Great R'n'R LP (2013)

1-2-3-4 Dead. You've just been massacred by some of the raunchiest carcinogenic garage punk out there. Thee Mighty Fevers of Kobe, Japan will take a potato masher to your cerebrum. They will bathe your face in hydrochloric acid. Their jeering vocals and vigorous riffs will leave you in a puddle on the pavement getting slurped up by the neighborhood hounds. Don't skip on it fuckers, wax to be had here.

And here is a more recently released split 7" with The Morbeats on Italian label, One Chord Wonder

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Instigation - No Way Out EP (2014)

I don't usually get too into hardcore punk, but this apeshit concoction is exactly what I need in my ears when I'm ready to punch your grisly mug with all my (finite) strength. This is something I've found myself wanting to do more and more since moving to this piss bucket of a town. The New York music scene is a big fucking disappointment, swirling a grimy toilet bowl of shit-brained, repetitive electronic music and half-assed-hipster indie slop. When a solid punk rock band does come to town, a reprehensible crowd of maybe fifteen sad sacks forms around the back of the room. If the band is offensive in any way, the crowd thins even further. It's fucking pathetic! To get back on track, this band is about as mutt as they come with members spawning from the UK, Canada and Japan (and thankfully nowhere near NYC). Clear-cut pandemonium and freak fuck babble cannons through your skull at a hundred miles per hour. Jam out on it and ready yourself for a good skull fuckin'.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sultan Bathery - S/t (2014)

Slovenly's got your balls in a vice grip this year and you'd be straight stupid to skip on a single thing they are putting out. Up next (February 25th) is this eye soldering, brain cell disintegrating heap of an LP. Sultan Bathery will kick you square in the ass crack, leaving behind a gaping hole that will scare your boyfriend straight with an overload of discombobulation and pure animosity. Attempting your beloved butt sex will be like dropping a penny down a mine shaft. I shit you not, this LP with kick you in the ass so hard you'll be in a tailspin for days. Enough talk, hit play and crank the noise!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Heaters - EP (2014)

Is reverb coated, fuzz studded, hard driven garage psych getting better and better as time goes on? I would argue that it is. And these fully drenched reprobates have got it down to a mother fuckin' science. These are the sort of tracks that will dilate your sense of time and create yearnings for psychotropic days and magic carpet maneuvers. Also consider purchasing their split LP (Recorded before their name change from Plantains) with French friars of psych rock, Os Noctambulos, out February 17th on Stolen Body.

Feel free to pay $$$


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Likers - Men of Honor EP (2014)

Philly freaks burnishing your brow with their unique form of candy-coated pop punk. Flaring organs and twang infested riffs sting your heart and taint it with irrefutable love. Currently only obtainable in the futile and intangible format made for lame-asses and dickheads everywhere, mp3's, but soon to be released on cassette via Suicide Bong Tapes and then, with luck, pressed on 10" vinyl sometime in the near future. Don't sleep on it.

Suicide Bong

Friday, January 31, 2014

Santoros - Ancestros (2012)

This may very well be the best damn twang beset, euphoria inducing, heartache curing flower punk I have ever heard. It's pure elation bottled up in a growler and labeled "Please Enjoy Slowly." Press play and feel every last one of your bad vibes and pesky misgivings stream out of your pores like Niagara Falls during a hurricane. These guys also put out the equally intoxicating Animals cassette last year that was on my 2013 best EP quick list.

Feel free to pay $$$.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Red Cords - Dead Heat EP (2013)

UK pubescents, raiding your liquor cabinet for whatever is strongest and if you've got nothing but Malibu and Fireball in there, you might come home to a noxious heap of a turd in the middle of your dining room table. No offense, but man up you pussy! While you're doing internet research on alcohol that wasn't made with vaginal secretion, you might swing by the PNKSLM page and pick up this surfboard swilling raunchfest that easily fits into any drenchers collection.

For your eyeballs...


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wimps - Party at the Wrong Time EP (2014)

Spankin' new prissy punk with an attitude. Once members of The Intelligence, Meth Teeth and Butts form this calculous trio of ball bashers and brain embezzlers. Don't skip on this sweet lemon colored vinyl, it's yearning for it's place in your collection and you would be a fool to deny it.

And for good measure here is their sold out cassette from last year...

Help Yourself

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Bad Joke That Ended Well - S/t (2012)

Drunk punk junk doing a swan dive off a skyscraper, maintaining the paradigmatic form of an olympian and crashing down like a meteor, feet down and chin up, only to belch and mutter the words "thank you may I have another." Snag the mp3s fo' free courtesy of Stolen Body Records (who have sent me a bunch of new stuff you should be keeping your eyes peeled for).

Stolen Body

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ah God - Total Dose (Video)

Ah God is low-pressure, two-timing dumpster punk. So far in their sprawling music career, they have stirred the pot with an LP from early last year (below), and teased us with this taste of vibrant joviality, which will hopefully turn into something more. Keep you're eyes wide for more.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Tough Shits - S/t (2012)

The message behind this bands name is likely not to be off-putting, but rather to encourage you to get past all your pretend pain and concocted misery. You are not the only person in existence and it's time you realize that. If someone cuts you off, tough shit. If work is really bringing you down, tough shit! There is no need to verbally vomit your perfectly normal life all over facebook or whatever online social bullshit you're into. I can't say for sure that these guys follow my philosophy, but their songs preach whole hearted goodness in general. They subliminally teach you hard lessons, like changing up your daily routine for the better (Early Grave), not getting involved with blood sucking harlots (She's a Loner), and experiencing life in a more fruitful and exciting way (Security Blanket). Not to meantion that these tracks are first-rate and supremely sweet. You will be gasping for more after just one listen, I promise.

1. Try Not To Laugh
2. Bird (Don't Get Tired of Flying)
3. Cats & Dogs
4. Early Grave
5. She's A Loner,
6. Space Heater
7. Chinatown Bus
8. Not Too Close
9. She's Through with You
10. Security Blanket
11. Holding a Seance
12. Hombre De La Cocaina

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Poolboy - Soda Kids EP (2013)

These guys easily made my Best EP's list at years end, however, I'm sure you guys didn't actually listen to all of that stuff, so let's try this again. Here's Poolboy, swarming pop punk, well hung and stiff as a brick. These jams are sweeter than your girlfriends rim jobs and certainly tighter than that cavernous asshole she's left you with. Keep your eyes peeled for more from these guys, you won't want to miss it.
Grabbing Clouds

Monday, January 13, 2014

Panic - Bad Fantasies (2013)

The pantaloons on Panic are crowded by some serious balls. Hulking testes that smack the ground with such force, you'll flop around the room like Dankey Kang on a trampoline. These stunners from Toronto will be out and about soon enough, but for now, check these tracks and prepare to have your world torn asunder.

(Feel free to start from the beginning!)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fuzzy D's Top 20 Albums of 2013

Well 2013 is a fuckin' wrap which means it's time for me to pick my favorite LPs and/or cassettes and spit 'em right in your face. Here's the action, bust a move!

(Bandcamp samples included where possible.)


#20. Bad Sports - Bras
August 31st on Dirtnap

The thing is, I've been needing an excuse to write about these radical mother fuckers for a long time, and this album is it. They got that thing going on where their songs come off as somewhat serious at first but when the chorus comes around, they throw a random punchline in there. Nothing that's going to have you laughing your ass off, but enough to let you know that these guys are in fact not serious at all. They are all FUN and 100% genuine dudes playin' hard and gettin' paid. The whole album is streaming on bandcamp (below), you will be wanting to check it out.


#19. Shocked Minds - Shocked Minds
June 13th HoZac

If you are reading this blog, you definitely know Carbonas and if you don't you should go somewhere else. Seriously, you're not cut out for this. Anyways, here is Shocked Minds, a conglomerate of garage punk all-stars if you will. Members fit Ex-Human's, Gentleman Jesse and his Men, Beat Beat Beat and of course Carbonas into their collective resumé. No further explanations are needed.


#18. Night Beats - Sonic Bloom
September 21st on The Reverberation Appreciation Society

I will be honest, I did not have insanely high expectations of this album after last years UFO Club LP (Lee Blackwell of Night Beats and Christian Bland of The Black Angels). Don't get me wrong, it was good, but sort of predictable. If you have been missing those maniacal wammy solos from the 2011 debut, you aren't necessarily getting a whole lot of that back, but this album grooves none the less. It grooves so good that you almost forget those piercing sounds ever graced your lobes in the first place.


#17. Kiss Kiss Karate Passion - I Can't
June 1st on Les Disques Steak

This is a lonely, but absolutely wonderful album from Bordeaux. A man searching for love but all the pretty ladies he approaches think he talks weird. You want to feel bad for the guy, but then you realize, holy shit! This guy is kicking my ass with these jams and he is clearly superior to me in most ways.


#16. Colleen Green - Sock It To Me
March 19th on Hardly Art

There is a brutal simplicity about Colleens music that makes it innately soothing and grooving. She's just a stoner girl tryin' to live in a stoner world and who can blame her? Shit sucks out there. I've seen her alone and I've seen her with a bassist, but that is as extreme as things get. None the less, you will lose yourself in her strum and vocals and only return to Earth when she's walking away.


#15. Beth Israel - Beth Israel
May 9th on Dull Tools

This album comes in waves. Lo-fi free fall dream punk and heavy stinky steaming heaps of garbage punk in constant rotation.


#14. Boogarins - As Plantas Que Curam
March 15th on Other Music

Rare form Brazilian psych junk. It's like a sweeter version of Tame Impala at times (sorry, I hate comparing bands), but also with some really juicy garage rock influenced licks involved.


#13. Radioactivity - Radioactivity
October 29th on Dirtnap

There is no denying the impression The Marked Men have had on garage punk in recent years. They have had their hand in so many great side projects and this most recent one called Radioactivity is rewinding back to where 2008's Ghosts left off. Won't lie though, I am sick of people arguing about which marked man is better. Jeff vs. Mark. Are you seriously splitting hairs over this shit? They are both undeniably great musicians, lets just leave it at that.


#12. Babes - Babes
September 10th on Pizza Burglar

Fuck... Yes... This album rocks in so many different ways it's absurd. You won't know whether to dance, punch a duck, attempt a mctwist off your roof, or simply bash your head against the wall. Really, it is that amazing and you need to be checking it out now.


#11. Missing Monuments - Missing Monuments
August 5th on Dirtnap

Is Dirtnap on a roll or what? King Louie is the boss of you and you better listen up. No chumps allowed and clothing is optional 100% of the time. Missing Monuments is the sickest brand of rock n' roll imaginable. Always shredding and never letting up, that would be a chump move and King Louie ain't that.


#10. The Spasms - We Better Operate
July 23rd, Self released

Following a classically simple formula, this record dishes out track after track of catchy garage punk on the verge of exploding in your face like a hand grenade.


#9. Heavy Times - Fix It Alone
July 9th on HoZac

These guys are at the other end of a long hall, their two-ton jams and sometimes lethargic riffs drowning your palate in psychedelic punk rock bliss. 18 tracks you will never want to end. Buy this record and buy it fast.


#8. Violent Change - Violent Change
March 19th on Catholic Guilt

I shared this record last month after only listening to it once or twice. I have only fallen further in love with it ever since, granting it more plays than the porn industry. Their songs fling tempo around the room, rendering it meaningless as a slow jam softly lifts you up and the next speeds towards you in a flurry of drums, twangy guitars and reverb laden vocals.


#7. The Future Primitives - Into The Primitive
September 16th on Voodoo Rhythm

Fast, raunchy and primordial punk rock, bearing down on your mom's house like it's been there 100 times before. Their "Songs We Taught Ourselves" LP from earlier this year gives you a good idea of where the inspiration comes from. Hear it in fully drenched and utterly raw action on "Into The Primitive" before you face falls off from being a dipshit!


#6. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Float Along/Fill Your Lungs
September 27th on Dot Dash

Let's be honest, with this holy grail of band names there ought to be buttloads of pressure when it comes to living up to it. Well these guys coast through it, writing killer jams like their name was something stupid like I EAT EARTH WORMS and none of that bull shit mattered. Seriously, this album will leave you in pure amazement and in the end you will find it easy to believe that someone who could write such paralyzing songs could also easily come up with a kick ass name like this.

(PS don't give up on the 16 min track, that's something a square would do.)


#5. Maston - Shadows
February 12th on Trouble In Mind

One day I had this playing in the studio and one of my coworkers straight up told me it made her want to kill herself. Who would have thought that such eerily pleasant sounds could cause instant self loathing? If she's going to kill herself over a song than I am pretty sure she deserves to sit in eternal darkness while Strange Rituals plays over and over, forever. I applaud, no better yet, I sing "Hallelujah! Amen! Amen!" in honor of this album. It leaves a sweet but scorching impression on your soul. The organ pounds in your ears but they swallow it like gummy worms. I'm telling you guys, this record is a keeper!


#4. La Luz - It's Alive
October 15th on Hardly Art

Four total babes in harmony, surfing the necks of their guitars. They ride the curl from beginning to end and my friends, it is the perfect wave. I mean it literally broke in exactly the right spot and in the most righteous manner. I only got my hands on this a little while ago and ever since I have not been able to turn it off. I think once you hear it you won't be able to either.

(Note: this preview is from 2012 but has a couple songs from It's Alive on it so don't front.)


#3. Zig Zags - 10 - 12
January 3rd on Burger

It's hard to say what band you most enjoyed seeing in any one year when you went to so many damn shows. However for me in the year of 2013 and out of all the shows I went to, Zig Zags easily take the crown. I can't really explain why, other than to say it had me in a deep mother of a trance. There was no way I was going to shake it, not that I was really trying to. The summary of my little story here is that if you really crank the volume on this cassette, it will likely have a similar effect.


#2. The Ding-Dongs - Rang Tang Ding Dong
November 28th on Norton

Finest kind of rip-roaring, holy hooting, boot scooting, bitch slapping rockabilly there is. Vocals like 40 grit sandpaper. Riffs that swing and sway and twist and twitch. We lovers of junky garage and down right nasty rock and roll of all kinds have been enjoying the unremitting craft and relentless charm of Mark Sultan and Bloodshot Bill (together and apart) for some time now. There are few soldiering on in the genre today who do it better or with half the wherewithal. You will wear this out fast folks so you might consider purchasing multiple copies.


#1. Dead Ghosts - Can't Get No
April 30th on Burger

You might have released some killer jams this year. You might have written something totally catchy and all your friends were pretty damn impressed, some even might have wanted to have sex with you. Well just a heads up Ringo, you should probably pack up your shit and go home because you did not even touch Dead Ghosts in the year 2013. You literally fall cranium first into these songs. A slow fall through a incandescent portal and into a world where the flaccid dick that is the general public and the constant stupidity experienced within has been slurped up into a black hole of equivalent bullshit, never to be seen again. Only an album this stunning and beyond reproach could possibly warrant a sentence of that length. In other words, buy it and buy it fast!


Another spew over and out. If you sucked in 2013 (like Fuzzy D did) then take this opportunity to reflect on the fact that your life really isn't shitty like you keep on saying. Low and behold you might actually find the motivation to get a job or make new friends or stop being such a dick. Whatever your issue is, get over it and get on with your life. 2014's a new year bologna tits, don't fuck it up!