Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Tough Shits - S/t (2012)

The message behind this bands name is likely not to be off-putting, but rather to encourage you to get past all your pretend pain and concocted misery. You are not the only person in existence and it's time you realize that. If someone cuts you off, tough shit. If work is really bringing you down, tough shit! There is no need to verbally vomit your perfectly normal life all over facebook or whatever online social bullshit you're into. I can't say for sure that these guys follow my philosophy, but their songs preach whole hearted goodness in general. They subliminally teach you hard lessons, like changing up your daily routine for the better (Early Grave), not getting involved with blood sucking harlots (She's a Loner), and experiencing life in a more fruitful and exciting way (Security Blanket). Not to meantion that these tracks are first-rate and supremely sweet. You will be gasping for more after just one listen, I promise.

1. Try Not To Laugh
2. Bird (Don't Get Tired of Flying)
3. Cats & Dogs
4. Early Grave
5. She's A Loner,
6. Space Heater
7. Chinatown Bus
8. Not Too Close
9. She's Through with You
10. Security Blanket
11. Holding a Seance
12. Hombre De La Cocaina

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