Monday, February 17, 2014

The Instigation - No Way Out EP (2014)

I don't usually get too into hardcore punk, but this apeshit concoction is exactly what I need in my ears when I'm ready to punch your grisly mug with all my (finite) strength. This is something I've found myself wanting to do more and more since moving to this piss bucket of a town. The New York music scene is a big fucking disappointment, swirling a grimy toilet bowl of shit-brained, repetitive electronic music and half-assed-hipster indie slop. When a solid punk rock band does come to town, a reprehensible crowd of maybe fifteen sad sacks forms around the back of the room. If the band is offensive in any way, the crowd thins even further. It's fucking pathetic! To get back on track, this band is about as mutt as they come with members spawning from the UK, Canada and Japan (and thankfully nowhere near NYC). Clear-cut pandemonium and freak fuck babble cannons through your skull at a hundred miles per hour. Jam out on it and ready yourself for a good skull fuckin'.


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