Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jehosaphat Blow LP's and Singles

Rasping and rip-roaring one-man banders are few and far between these days. They deliver a robust and vigorous sound that most musicians would not attempt without help from a couple of their friends. They keep it simple but fetching, surmounting the pressure to have it be at all cohesive. Having left his cohorts behind to relocate several times in the past, Jehosaphat Blow is now playing outsider in Prague, a city that has little to no appreciation for garage rock. His jams are fired off with a hair trigger, blistering all that they singe. Once it is over your paltry carcass will have been reduced to ashes, scattering like they were being poured into a wind tunnel that blows farts. A fucking fart tunnel. Download all of his releases for FREE below and send him a message on facebook saying how thankful you are. It's not every day someone gives you a gift as sterling and stupefying as his.

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