Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cousin Brian - First (2012)

It is true that I have already briefly written about this record, but I am not convinced that all of you are listening yet. Cousin Brian creates deep, voluminous tracks that consume your brain cavity and fill it with gravy. Their sound first appears to simply pay respect to the garage punk bands that existed before them, but deep down is shockingly raw and strangely unique. Having only previously released one 7" EP on Evil Weevil (all of which reappears on this record), these guys are just getting started. Pre-order your copy today and hear the whole thing below.

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  1. Hello FuzzDrench. What a great, magnificent site you have, I downloaded loads of stuff yesterday. I have already bought LPs from three of the bands. The Sights, John Wesley Coleman and the Goodnight Loving. You may end up costing me hundreds of Quid... Thanks, Bert (fae Scotland)