Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Growlers/Thee Ludds Split (2011)

For my first post in several months I am drenching you with some shit that will really make your hips shake. You may hurt people with your hips. They will shake furiously and to no end. You may get dizzy, and you may puke up lunch, but you will be so satisfied with the facial destruction you just received that the only thing left to do will be to flip that shit over and spin it again!

The Growlers:
1. Graveyard's Full
2. Something Someone Jr.
3. Sea Lion Goth Blues
4. Drinkin' The Juice Blues
5. People Don't Change Blues
Thee Ludds:
6. Astral Plane
7. Go Outside
8. Jagged Prowl
9. Feeding Time
10. Hypnogogo
11. Parabolic Reflector

The Growlers Facebook
Thee Ludds Facebook



  1. And it's gone...thanks anyway for the heads up.

  2. the Growlers' half of this split is some of their best work

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