Wednesday, May 2, 2012

White Fence - Family Perfume Vol. 1&2 (2012)

Although this won't release as an actual double LP, they will be available together on CS and CD May 15th. If you are craving the vinyl you are unfortunately stuck buying them separately. Well worth it for any fan of Tim Presley's work or psychedelic grooves in general. Pick these up pronto!

Vol. 1 Tracklist:
1. WF FP Intro
2. Swagger vets & Double moon
3. Long white curtain
4. Balance yr heart
5. Do you know Ida Know?
6. Down PNX
7. Take away lifes endless take
8. Hope! Servatude, i have no!
9. It will never be
10. Soaring, daily pique number 2
11. A Hermes Blues
12. Hey! Roman nose
13. Breathe Again
14. Daily Pique

Vol. 2 Tracklist:
1. Groundskeeper Rag (Man’s Man)
2. She Relief
3. I’d Sing
4. Real Smiles
5. Lizards First
6. It’s Confusing when you wake up
7. Upstart Girls
8. Stomach Sexes
9. A Good Night
10. Latchkeys
11. Anna
12. Be At Home
13. Makers
14. Tame
15. King Of The Decade




  1. thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing this. I love what woodsist does.

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  3. Greg Ashley n’est pas un débutant et son style rock très décontracté est à découvrir dans une discographie riche et variée démarrée avec Médicine Fuck Dream, un superbe premier album paru en chain link fence